Should i go to a chiropractor for back pain?

Answer On One Hand: Should I Go To A Chiropractor For Back Pain?Chiropractors can competently treat acute back pain, especially from strain and injury. Chiropractic care and spinal manipulation are consid... Read More »

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My right hip is in pain, should i see chiropractor or an orthopedist?

Orthopaedist. Even better a subspecialist in orthopaedics that only does hips. You probably have trochanteric bursitis which only needs maybe a cortisone injection and a prescription for an anti-... Read More »

How to Crack Your Back Like a Chiropractor?

After a long day of work, your back can be stiff and often in pain. A chiropractor can help with this, but an appointment is often expensive and is not always covered by insurance. Therefore, you m... Read More »

How does a chiropractor adjust your back?

A chiropractor applies pressure to a patient's back using his hands or an adjusting instrument. During a spinal adjustment, the chiropractor aims to correct the positioning of the vertebra in order... Read More »

How do you fix a back ache wihtout going to the chiropractor?

BACK PROBLEMS CAN BE SERIOUS! she may have a pinched nerve, a pulled disc, or sciatic verve damage.....what kind of pain? throbbing, pinching, constant or just sore muscle type pain? assess that an... Read More »