Should i go see a doctor or not HELP?

Answer Sometimes a short course of anti-b's is not enough. See your GP, he/she might advise another course to kill the infection completely.

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I know I should go to the Doctor, but right now finances are low, can someone help me?

You need to find a spine clinic in your area and contact your local County Medical Services office if you don't have insurance. You have all the same symptoms as I had did to a cervical spine inju... Read More »

What should you do to help a sore throat if going to the doctor is not an option?

take lots of C and drink fresh lemon water works every time

HELP! My foot got so burnt in the sun that now it's swollen. Should I see a doctor about it?

What are you doing waiting for answers here,get in the car and get to the docs. it may be more than a sun burn GO NOW!!!!!!

Is my toe broken should i see a doctor please help i never broke anything before!?

That's almost certainly broken, all right. I've had half a dozen fractures - arm, ankle, tailbone, rib, finger and toe - but fingers and toes hurt the worst. Unfortunately the doctor can't do much... Read More »