Should i go get it cheacked is it worth it ?

Answer There isn't a whole lot they can do for a broken toe. Buddy tape is the usual treatment. The doctor will tape the broken toe to the next toe to support it.Elevate, ice and rest your toes.That is ... Read More »

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How much is sir Alan sugar worth worth?

Is it worth paying sgd230 more to buy canon sx1 is compare to sx10 is just for extra features. Is it worth paying extra SGD230 for HD movie recording and quick continuous shooting?

You can zoom but for unknown reason it only uses digital zoom, not optical. Which causes a lot of noises on the video

Is blu ray really worth getting?

I don't think so, I blew $300 on a blu ray player when I got my TV and the picture is good but the stupid thing always freezes up in the middle of movies or sometimes won't load and won't play some... Read More »

Is a used gun worth what a new gun is?

No. Generally, you can expect a 10 - 15% reduction in value for a used gun, more with increased wear and tear.