Should i go get it cheacked is it worth it ?

Answer There isn't a whole lot they can do for a broken toe. Buddy tape is the usual treatment. The doctor will tape the broken toe to the next toe to support it.Elevate, ice and rest your toes.That is ... Read More »

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Should I smoke weed or is it not worth it?

First how old are you? Actually, no, I doesn't matter the age you shouldn't smoke or anything like that. It's really gonna **** up your life. And it's really unattractive. And if you do do it it's ... Read More »

Should I upgrade to Blu-Ray Is it really worth it?

Whether or not it's "a big deal" depends on a lot of things...Think of a home theater system as a chain. A chain is only as strong as its weakest link, right? When your DVD/player becomes the weake... Read More »

Is vista worth having or should i downgrade to XP?

McAfee is crud. You very well could have a virus.1. Remove McAfee and get Avast! 4 Home2. Disable Windows Firewall and get ZoneAlarm Free.3. If you still have issues, I would recommend getting XP. ... Read More »

Should i buy an ipod touch are they worth it?

Stick with an I-Pod Classic. Bigger memory and there is much less screen to stratch =]