Should i go buy some cigarettes or quit?

Answer Quit. Too many health risks.

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Should i quit smoking cigarettes?

You should try to quit now. You've only been smoking two years, and it doesn't get any easier. The longer you wait, the harder it will be to stop. It takes 20 years for the tar of one cigarette to ... Read More »

Of late cigarettes have been making me gag when I smoke 'em, do you think I should quit?

Well cigarettes are naturally harmful. And if your coughing/gagging, its your bodies natural response telling you that its not agreeing with the cigarettes.As far as quiting, I'm a pharmacist and I... Read More »

Should I buy weed or some cigarettes?

Its 420 but you're going to buy smokes anyway cuz its more addictive.

How do I quit after 13 yrs. CIGARETTES.?

I quit after 15 years of heavy smoking. I was smoking 2 and sometimes 3 packs a day. I never wanted to stop until I was turning 30 and realized I had been smoking continuously for half my life. ... Read More »