Should i go back to the doctor for my thumb ?

Answer Did the doctor say the pain will go away? If he said yes then yea i would go back to him. Also if you feel discomfort anyway just go back and see what he can do.

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Should I go to the doctor for my sprained thumb?

A trainer is not a doctor & can't diagnose you. If s/he says otherwise, they are full of it.They can guess, sometimes accurately. However, that doesn't make them a medical professional of any sort.... Read More »

Sutures removed yesterday... Should i go back to doctor. Plz read :)?

Go to your doctor. If that wound is open you may get a infection and you dont want that.

Rash located on back of left hand between thumb and index finger and back to wrist?

If it keeps coming and going and is localized it could likely be eczema or psoriasis. Autoimmune skin responses, they can crop up more frequently due to contact with something you're sensitive to ... Read More »

My thumb really hurts, what can i do without going to the doctor Please Help!?

You have overstressed your thumb and it needs a rest.Stop popping it, it will take will power, but you need to stop doing it.