Should i get the Sidekick lx or the i phone?

Answer i would get the sidekick because first off all its blue lol and you could txt better with it and even tho the internet is slow it still works. the iphone gets dirty very quickly and when you txt u ... Read More »

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Which is a better phone a sidekick slide or and lx?

I answered this EXACT question a couple of days ago. I have the Sidekick LX. I chose this phone over the Slide because it has a high resolution screen and bigger screen at that. The casing is also ... Read More »

Which phone should I get, Sidekick LX or the iPhone ?

***depends really on what services you have. if you have cingular, then get the iphone... if you have tmobile then get the SIDEKICK. They won't work nearly to their full potential if on opposing ne... Read More »

How do you use your delete phone log 4g sidekick?

How do you delete sidekick phone log?