Should i get a standard pc or a laptop?

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Are laptop hard drives standard?

Yes, most laptop hard drives come in a standard 2.5-inch-wide size, except for some very slim laptop computers. However, laptops use different hard drive connection systems, including either Serial... Read More »

How to Transfer a Standard Monitor for My Laptop With a Busted Screen?

Laptops are delicate electronics that are not made to take abuse. If the laptop gets dropped or the screen breaks, it can be costly to fix, although there is another option you can try rather than... Read More »

Should i replace my broken pc with a laptop or get another pcIs internet more expensive on a laptop?

If you are doing serious work get a desktop machine with a decent monitor keyboard and mouse.if you are just browsing the Internet and sending a few emails then get a laptop.Which ever machine you ... Read More »

Should I buy windows Vitsta laptop or a apple Mac laptop?

i have bought a macbook for school only recently and i love it, its sooo much better than vista. the only bad points i can figure out is that not a lot of popular software or games are compatible o... Read More »