Should i get a hdtv that's led or a 3d tv?

Answer I would recommend LG Cinema 3D. LG Cinema 3D TVs are 3D TVs that use LED backlighting so both you and your fiance get what you want. I had the same dilemma with my girlfriend and we're both happy w... Read More »

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If you can not receive a HDTV signal should you buy an HDTV just to have a bigger screen?

Answer If you want a bigger screen, then buy one, but do be sure to buy a digital TV because analog is being phased out quickly. Also, go to to find out exactly what digital stat... Read More »

Is there anything better than limewire [thats not to complicated] that u can download music & video thats free?

You better start using itunesotherwise you'll lose your internet…,2933,4700……

What should i wear to a party thats coming up?

Skinny jeans and ankle boots with tank top and cardigan Or maybe skinny jeans and sandals and a pretty top with a few bracelets

So what should we do before the end of the world thats is coming very soon via Swine flu.?