Should i eat steak or vhicken tonight?

Answer chicken!!!

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If you bought steak to a cookout and only hamburgers were cooked...should you ask for ur steak back?

Well, that would be bad manners. BUT if they didn't cook the steak, that's poor manners too. When you bring food or drink to someplace, they are supposed to serve it. If they don't, you don't sa... Read More »

How long should I marinade a steak?

Depends on the ingredients in the steak marinade you bought. If it contains any type of acid, mostly some sort of vinegar, or citric acid (lime, lemon, etc.) its best to not marinate it any longer... Read More »

How long should I grill a T-bone steak?

The key to grilling a T-bone steak involves searing both sides and avoiding overcooking. On a hot grill sear for two minutes on each side. Move the steak to a cooler area of the grill and cook for ... Read More »

What temperature should a steak be cooked at on a gas grill?

To cook a steak on a gas grill, you should set the grill somewhere between 500 and 600 degrees Fahrenheit. Don't forget to pre-heat the grill. On average, the pre-heating should take 10 to 15 minut... Read More »