Should i eat poop or drink pee?

Answer Actually.. Urine is sterile until it hits the ground or water.. or anything, you can drink it up to 4 times before all the water is out of it :) if your on a deserted with no water anywhere.. yeah... Read More »

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Every time I poop?

Its because of the food you eat. Dont worry to much. It happens to me a lot of times. Try to search for the food which include green food coloring and stop eating it if you dont want this to happen... Read More »

Is there an energy drink that doesn't make you poop?

I love to poop but sometimes I poop in my shoe; what can I do to combat this problem?

Does a carnivore's poop smells worse than a vegan's poop?

I don't generally go around sniffing poo. I know my cat's litter box smell's a whole heck of a lot worse than my sister's rabbit's, but I think you're probably asking about humans here . . .