Should i continue to sleep shirtless?

Answer Doesn't everyone sleep shirtless? I thought it was a basic normal thing.I would continue sleeping shirtless due to the fact that it feels better you dont get tangled up and it gives you or your mum... Read More »

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Is it normal to sleep shirtless?

I say that if it is normal for you, it is normal. Your mom is imposing her values on you. FYI you do not catch a cold from being shirtless, you catch a cold when a virus enters your body... PERIO... Read More »

Does ipod continue to charge when my computer is in sleep mode?

An iPod will not continue to charge when a computer is in sleep or standby mode. In fact, if an iPod is attached to a computer in sleep or standby mode, the iPod battery will drain.References:Apple... Read More »

What is the best position to sleep in Is there a "correct" way we as humans should sleep?

Its best to lie on your left side. your right lung has three lobes, the left one only has two. When you lay on your left side it allows the lobes on the right to fully expand.

Should i continue to put money in my 401(k)?

On One Hand: You need to cut back on lifestyleWhen considering stopping 401(k) contributions you should ask yourself why you need the money. Continuing to contribute to your 401(k) will better serv... Read More »