Should i consider hair replacement?

Answer On One Hand: Hair Replacement Is An OptionConsider hair replacement if you have noticeable hair loss on the top of the head. In order for the hair replacement procedure to be successful, healthy ha... Read More »

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What is the best hair replacement?

On One Hand: Non-Surgical Methods and Hair BondingMany non-surgical hair replacement treatments exist and often work very well. While various moisturizers, ointments and shampoos promise solutions... Read More »

Non-Surgical Hair Replacement?

For some, hair loss is a part of the aging process and is bound to happen anyway. For others the discouraging effects of hair loss or thinning occurs long before age thirty or forty. More than half... Read More »

Hair Replacement Technology?

According to Mayo Clinic, people lose their hair for various reasons, from aging and chemotherapy medical treatments, to poor nutrition and genetics. Hair transplant technology is used to replace h... Read More »

About Hair Replacement for Women?

Hair loss generally occurs because of a change in hormones or because of aging. Hair loss can also be the result of some type of trauma or a burn. There are several hair replacement surgery options... Read More »