Should i buy the samsung epic?

Answer dude yes, the epic is like one of the best phones out there today. ive heard that phone has a lot of positive reviews,. so i do reccomend you get it. and im sorry idk have any info since i dont own... Read More »

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Tips for the Samsung Epic 4G?

The Samsung Epic 4G is the second 4G smartphone created by Sprint. The phone runs Android's 2.1 operating system. The multimedia device features a 4-inch super AMOLED--Active-matrix organic light-e... Read More »

How do you add text signature to Samsung epic 4G?

How to Install a G-View to the Samsung Epic 4G?

The Samsung Epic 4G is a high-end Android smartphone offered by Sprint. The device is part of the Galaxy X series and comes equipped with many features, including the option to download application... Read More »

Do the apps for iPhone 4 work on Samsung Epic 4G?

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