Should i buy the a720 over the a570?

Answer nothe 570 is a better cameratry beachcamera.comor buydig.comI just bought the a650 and it took 2 daysfree shipping

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How to Connect a PowerShot A570 to a Computer?

The Canon PowerShot A570 is a digital camera that stores photos on an external SD memory card. Although you can remove the memory card from your camera and read it on your computer, you can also co... Read More »

Is the Canon A640 or A570 or A710 the better camera and why?

How can I take a great shot of lightning with a canon powershot A570 IS?

1. Find a place to put the camera. If you don't have a tripod, put on top of a table or something else outdoors that isn't moving.2. This camera takes pictures up to 15 seconds long. Take a pic... Read More »

Canon A720 IS Vs. Kodak Z712 IS?

the 720 IS has a 6x zoom, while the Kodak has a 12x zoom. Thus, the Kodak will have more of a telephoto effect, like looking through a telescope to see things further away.The 720 has 8 megapixels... Read More »