Should i buy my son a left handed computer mouse?

Answer try to get him adjusted to a right-handed one but if he can't then change the settings on the computer under control panel. And sign him up for baseball, lefties are a good bat in baseball.

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How to Change a Right-Handed Mouse to a Left-Handed Mouse?

Mice are set up out of the box for right-handed users. Left-handers, however, do not need to fret. Changing the settings on your mouse for left-handers is quite simple and it only takes a couple of... Read More »

Left-handed people use mouse with right hand?

Several of my lefty co-workers use right hands for mice because 1) they grew up learning from right handed teachers and just learned to deal with it 2) they prefer having their dominant hand on the... Read More »

Why aren't there computer mouses for left handed people?

well most of the pc mouses you can use in both hands since their symmetrical, you just need to redefine the buttons. Now for those that aren' symmetrical, it depends on the manufacturer, some may h... Read More »

How to Bowl Left Handed With a Right Handed Bowling Ball?

What to do when you're "left" with the "right" ball. Difficult problem with an easy fix.