Should i buy an electric or petrol chainsaw?

Answer On One Hand: The Electric ChainsawAn electric chainsaw is handy for the average homeowner. An electric chainsaw generally has a bar between 8 and 15 inches in length and is good for light duty jobs... Read More »

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How to Troubleshoot an Electric Chainsaw?

An electric chainsaw, as the name implies, relies on electricity instead of gas to power its motor and allow the chain to rotate. Chainsaws are quite useful for trimming tree branches, lumberjackin... Read More »

How do I adjust the chain tension on an electric chainsaw?

Locate the Bar Tensioner ScrewLocate the bar tensioner screw on your chainsaw. On most electric models, this screw will be found on the bar close to where it meets the engine body. On other models,... Read More »

What kind of oil does an electric chainsaw take?

The best option for oiling your chainsaw is using bar and chain oil. Otherwise, you can use SAE 30 oil in the warm months or SAE 10 oil in the winter. Remember to never use crankcase or other recla... Read More »

What size chainsaw should be used to top trees?

For trees around 10 inches in diameter, use a chainsaw with a blade at least 18 inches in length to top trees. For trees more than 15 inches in diameter, use a 24-inch bar and blade chainsaw.Source... Read More »