Should i buy a face primer 10 points best answer!?

Answer BB Creams work as a foundation and concealer plus a moisturizer all in one so no other base products are needed. With a BB Cream there is no need to have to use a primer, moisturizer or foundation... Read More »

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How should I do my hair 10 POINTS TO BEST ANSWER!?

I really like the beachy waves idea. I think that the flower is a bit too much, especially since its almost fall depending on where you live. I personally think that flowers in your hair are only a... Read More »

What dress should I get 10 points best answer!?

The first and last are my favorite too! I think maybe on the last one, you should get a slip that makes the dress flair out a little more. Then get some funky shoes and accessories (maybe some blac... Read More »

In Need Of Camera Which One Should I Get 10 Points Best Answer ;)?

Try getting the coolpix? or a good kodak. look some up on bestbuy websites or target etc.

Witch Alienware X51 model should i get Best answer 10 points?

The 2nd one certainly, it's GPU is far faster than the 1st.Gtx 660 is much faster than the GT645, and would certainly be the better choice for gaming.More ram is always a bonus too, which further p... Read More »