Should i brush my teeth right now?

Answer Whenever in doubt, go ahead and brush! ☺

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How long should you brush your teeth everytime you brush?

Brush for about 2-3 minutes. Here are some brushing tips:Brush the fronts, tops, and back sides of teeth thoroughly.Focus on gum line right below teeth to prevent build up of plaque and bacteria.Tr... Read More »

What should I do first, brush my teeth or floss my teeth?

I don't think it matters which order you do them as long as you do both.Me, I floss a little first, then brush, then floss one last time for good measure.

Should I start to brush my teeth?

I think you should learn to be a little more critical when you read. Yes start brushing your teeth, and make an appointment with the dentist immediately. Also stop reading if you are going to tak... Read More »

Why should we brush teeth in the morning?

when you sleep plaque and bacteria forms on your gums and teeth and give you 'morning breath'. if you just leave it there it has a better chance of doing damage to your mouth. and ew your breath st... Read More »