Should i become a marine scout sniper or army sniper or navy sniper?

Answer Well, first, you should ensure you can make it. You won't enlist into the Army or the Navy as a sniper - in the Army, you'd have to enlist as either an infantryman or Cavalry Scout, then request an... Read More »

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Who has more training the US Marine Scout Sniper or British Marine Sniper?

They're remarkably similar to each other.Don't forget, RMC & USMC have a "Bond of Friendship" which extends way beyond social niceties, shared traditions/ values, & the occasional parade! For examp... Read More »

What is better to join the military for US Army Airborne or Marine Corps Scout Sniper?

It all depends on what you want to get out of it.It depends on what you're more interested in. Marine scout sniper would definitely be harder, because it's more centralized in one job. With airborn... Read More »

What does it take to be a marine scout sniper?

Wanna prove me wrong??? You go ahead and try out for a SS position, your all talk my friend. I bet you you could knock a penny off a chunk of wood from 100+ yards. Wow, I thought my previous respon... Read More »

What must a marine do to become a scout sniper?

Volunteer and apply for Scout Sniper school, be accepted, and pass training.