Should i become a Vegan or not?

Answer It comes down to how strongly you feel about your ethical conviction. I recommend you try it at least for a little, might as well try it out. Or maybe you should transition into it, giving up one a... Read More »

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Should I become a vegan ?

I want do become vegan what should I eat?

First off, I like you. Your concern for animals makes me smile :) And it's awesome to see someone so young caring about where their food comes from!For milk, choose soy milk, almond milk, rice mi... Read More »

Should I become a vegan or just a vegetarian?

You should go vegan - saturated animal fats found in meat and dairy products pile on the poiunds and also increase your risk of cancer,stroke,diabetes and heart disease. A varied and balanced vegan... Read More »

How to Become a Vegan?

A vegan omeletteFor many people, being vegan is more than simply saying farewell to flesh products. For many vegans, this lifestyle includes adopting a particular mindset that is alert to animal ri... Read More »