Should i be concerned about vaginal mucous discharge?

Answer On One Hand: Normal DischargeVaginal discharge is completely normal, especially for women who have monthly periods. The mucus released from the cervix is clear but can become yellow or white. Beca... Read More »

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Does an IUD cause vaginal discharge?

On One Hand: IUD Can Cause DischargeAn IUD (intrauterine device) can cause an abnormal discharge. Planned Parenthood encourages women to get immediate medical attention if they experience discharge... Read More »

Brownish red vaginal discharge?

It's normal to have brownish-red discharged. I get it sometimes. Sometimes these this happens right after you start you start birth control, or right after you quit taking it. If I don't take it fo... Read More »

What does black vaginal discharge mean?

You probably have a gremlin baby. That or your colon is attached to your vagina.

What if a girl has a vaginal discharge?

If you look in your panties and see white stuff in it that means you had a vaginal discharge. If you feel it coming try to put toilet paper over your vagina to keep from getting it on your panties