Should i admit i went to another school or not admit it?

Answer I believe that if you have applied for financial aid and used the funds at this old college where you did poorly, you would have to list that college on your college application and mail the new co... Read More »

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Are there any mommies who are willing to admit that another baby is cuter than their own?

No, I think most mommies don't think other babies are "cuter" than their own, but rather "just as cute".

How to Get a Boy in Middle School to Admit He Likes You?

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Every body wants me to get braces but i dont and i admit that i have crocked teeth what should i do?

Well lil day you'll be a big t with crooked teeth. Do it now while your young because it's so much easier to move the teeth. You'll have to wear them a much longer time when your grown. ... Read More »

Will the e.r. admit me?

if they think it's your liver, they might do some blood tests to find out if it is. the problem is, about 40% of the time, people come in with abdominal pain, and a diagnosis is never found. it's n... Read More »