Should i Thin my hair or just cut it all off?

Answer If you want to get straight long hair then get it relaxed and trimmed. Thinning will help unwanted thickness. Ask a hairstylist what would help to keep thick curls away. Good luck!

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Should i get hair extensions Or is there something I can do about my thin hair?

Hi yasmine well i understand you im the same way i hate having thin hair well i could tell you you should get extensions and it makes ur hair thicker couse thats what im doing i got mine for 100 bu... Read More »

EEEEK my first grey chest hair! Should I buy a bottle of Just For Men, or will a Sharpie work just as well?

Sharpie is the better way to go...but 1 or 2....I think that's hawt...shows you know what you're doing, experience wise...just as long as there aren't any south of the equator, if you catch my drif... Read More »

How many times a week should I wash my somewhat thin and shoulder lengthen layered hair?

Depends on the health of your hair, the type of products you put in it (including the type of shampoo and conditioner you use) and what other treatments you do to it. For most people every 2-3 day... Read More »

How long should I wait to dye my hair back to brown, just bleached?

Dying your hair is damaging period. It really doesn't matter how long you wait. Obviously you shouldn't constantly be dying your hair though. Lol. You can dye it now. I've dyed my hair a day after ... Read More »