Should homophile could be adopt a child'?

Answer No.They can not. Only people who know then can put them for adoption.

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So, you could adopt and love any child...?

"So, if you can/could adopt (and love) any child, could you also marry and love any person?"I think this points out that adoption is similar to arranged marriage. We find it odd that strangers wou... Read More »

Should you adopt a child the same age as your biological child?

Women have a universal right to this under the Safe Haven laws.

Could a 19-year-old who already has a bachelor's degree in pre-med biology and has preschool experience be qualified to adopt a child?

SINGLE PARENT ADOPTION YEARS ago, single people were not even considered when choosing a foster or adoptive parent. Times have changed. Each and every state has their own set of guidelines to f... Read More »

Why should you adopt a child?

Because you have love to share and wish to add a child to your family.