Should high school's offer a daycare for teen parents?

Answer Well it's really a matter of opinion. Some high school staff members say yes, because they want teenage parents to know that they can still be in school and lead successful lives if they have had a... Read More »

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Why sould high schools have daycare for the teen parents?

I think that high schools should offer day care to teen parents with young children because if we are making an effort to at least come and finish school, it would be such a relief to us knowing th... Read More »

Should the government provide daycare centers for working parents?

The government needs to STOP paying for day care. Interesting. Families back prior to the 1980's could survive financially with dad working. Even singles could live a comfortable life on one income... Read More »

Do any online high schools offer financial assistance?

There are online high school programs that offer financial aid in the form of loans. These online schools claim to have superior flexibility and student to staff interaction when compared to govern... Read More »

What high schools in Tennessee offer the ROTC program?

Do NROTC at a law school and you may be allowed to go into the non-restricted line of service. But most likely your obligated service will be served on the restricted line.