Should grout color match your marble tile?

Answer On One Hand: Blend ColorsIf the marble tile does not contain much variation, matching the grout to the marble tile color will result in a uniform look. The room will appear bigger, as the floor wi... Read More »

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How do I match grout color to tile?

Choosing a Grout ColorMatch a grout color to tile by assessing the types of design options you would like in your room. Use a grout color chart, available from most grout manufacturers, and a sampl... Read More »

How do I seal marble tile grout?

Tile PreparationPrepare the marble tile grout for sealing by waiting approximately 48 hours for the new tile to cure. If sealing existing tile, clean the tile and grout with a nonacidic cleaner mad... Read More »

How to Repair Grout in Custom Marble, Granite, and Ceramic Tile?

Regardless of the type of tile or tile job, grout serves a purpose in the installation. Grout keeps tiles straight and provides waterproofing, as well as preventing damage due to house settlement. ... Read More »

What changes color of tile grout?

AnswerTypically, 'Colored Additives' are added to the grout before it is applied. This is done on purpose to change the color to something different than the chalky whitish color that is inherent t... Read More »