Should grape-flavor MD 20/20 be served in a red or white wine glass?

Answer MD is not drunk from a wine glass - it is sipped directly out of the bottle while holding it in a brown bag.Or that is the way I am most often seen it being drunk.

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Should blue MD 20/20 be served in a red wine glass, a white wine glass, or a merlot glass?

Thunderbird is served in your finest red wine glass.Night Train is served in your finest white wine glass.Mad Dog is served in your finest merlot glass.

Do you think it's acceptable for wine to be served in a half-pint beer glass?

I wouldn't like it, it would spoil the aroma and pleasure for me. They might as well have served it in washed out empty tin cans. I agree,with you to complain, you paid for something and didn't g... Read More »

Does the Ehrenfelser grape make red or white wine?

Wineries use Ehrenfelser grapes to make white whine. This grape variety is a hybrid made by crossing the Johannesburg Riesling and Sylvaner clone grapes. Ehrenfelser grapes are primarily grown in ... Read More »

White Wine or Grape Juice Magic Tricks?

While performing grandiose illusions with flashy, store-bought props certainly can be impressive, few leave an impression on an audience like a small scale trick that uses household items -- or at ... Read More »