Should gays and singles be able to adopt?

Answer Well, it is a matter of opinion. I personally think singles should be able to adopt. Taking into consideration that there are plenty of children out there who deserve a happy life, i can garantee ... Read More »

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Should singles be allowed to adopt?

I strongly believe that single, therefore being women or men, should be allowed to adopt a child. Many people say that a single person can't deal with the stress and pressure, well that's all a bun... Read More »

Should Gay couples be able to adopt kids?

It's all a matter of opinion, but I personally believe that yes, they should. Potential adoptive parents should be judges on things like parental abilities, financial security and compatibility wit... Read More »

Should gay couples or single people be able to adopt children?

Answer This is a really hard question to answer, but for me, yes! Two friends of mine (both lesbians) have adopted a son from Russia and one from another country. They are wonderful parents to t... Read More »

How many states allow gays to adopt children?