Should gay couple allowed to adopt?

Answer Absolutely! The children of gay parents or adoptive gay parents are doing great.

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Single people should or should not be allowed to adopt children?

yes, they should people don't need to be married to have children . adopted or there own.

Should singles be allowed to adopt?

I strongly believe that single, therefore being women or men, should be allowed to adopt a child. Many people say that a single person can't deal with the stress and pressure, well that's all a bun... Read More »

Should gay people be allowed to adopt children?

Opinion from an opponent of the idea: No. In most countries this is illegal however it is permitted in certain circumtances. It is a historical and undoubted fact that the best environment in which... Read More »

Why should same-sex couples be allowed to adopt?

Answer Because a child deserves to have parents that love him/her rather than sitting in foster care for the rest of their youth. 2 men or 2 women can take better care of a child than the state e... Read More »