Should gay couple allowed to adopt?

Answer Absolutely! The children of gay parents or adoptive gay parents are doing great.

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Would a couple be able to adopt if the wife has epilepsy that is controlled by medication and the couple has a decent income and own their own home?

Answer There is a high possibility and it's worth seeking out, but also there are lawyers that will help you adopt if all else fails. You can also adopt from other countries, but China is very ha... Read More »

Do you think it's okay for a couple who are trying to adopt to...?

Dear Helllooo,It is NEVER acceptable to covet someone's child - ESPECIALLY if it has been made clear that the child is wanted.Some people have NO morals or even ettiquette! I hope you avoid them in... Read More »

Can married poor couple adopt?

Answer Yes. So long as the couple is able to provide for the child's basic needs (food, shelter, clothing, basic education, etc). Your best bet is to work with a State-funded agency, such as Child... Read More »

Can a lesbian couple adopt a baby in the US?