Should flowers be cut from basil?

Answer Yes, flowers should be cut from basil because once basil flower, they will start to die.This is selena22110 saying, yes it should be cutted if you want to harvest it still, if not you can leve it f... Read More »

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Should I Remove the Flower Stem From My Basil Plant?

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How do I dry basil flowers?

Harvest basil as soon as the flower buds open. If you wait too long, the blooms will be tough and woody. Harvest basil after the dew evaporates in the morning, but before the temperature rises in t... Read More »

Should I remove dead flowers and leaves from the pot?

Yes. The dead flowers on the plant just use up energy, it is best to pick them off when they start to fade. Dead leaves can cause mold and harbor diseases it is best also to remove these as soon ... Read More »

Should you remove wilted flowers from Gardenia plants?

When the flower turns yellow, pinch it off at the base of the bloom. Be careful as there may be other buds in the making at this site. And yes, you should remove them to encourage more blooms.