Should flower pots have holes in them?

Answer yes, so the soil does not get too soggy and watery + if the humidity, moisture etc.increases in the soil the plant does not grow well

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Can you plant flower bulbs in pots inside or do they have to go in the ground?

Planting Flower Bulbs in Pots InsideSummer bulbs can be planted inside. Bulbs are planted in the fall, placed in small pots, and covered with tin foil to block the light. Place them in the refriger... Read More »

Do terracotta pots have lead in them?

Terra-cotta, or earthenware, is made from breathable, rust-colored clay and fired at low temperatures. Terra-cotta pots often have a lead or alkaline base, though this is not always the case. Many ... Read More »

Why do japanese coins have holes in them?

In Japan, the unit of currency is known as a yen. The yen comes in coin and paper versions. The yen coins feature a hole cut in the center of the coin. This hole has been a part of the yen since an... Read More »

My eye doctor told me I have a stigmata. Does that mean my eyes are going to have bloody holes in them?

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