Should flower pots have holes in them?

Answer yes, so the soil does not get too soggy and watery + if the humidity, moisture etc.increases in the soil the plant does not grow well

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How do i clean flower pots?

Remove DebrisBrush away old soil and debris using a soft brush. Tilt the pot, wiping the outside and the inside.SterlizeKill unwanted organisms by soaking pots in a bleach and water in a 1:9 ratio.... Read More »

How to Move Flower Pots?

Container gardening allows for incredible flexibility in growing plants. As seasons change, you can move flower pots indoors or shift them into locations where they may get more sunlight. If you ch... Read More »

How do i add words to flower pots?

Stamps and PaintPrepare the inside of the terra cotta pot with a polyurethane seal. Whether you use an oil- or water-based polyurethane depends on whether you intend to use the pot for planting. Us... Read More »

How to Add Poems to Flower Pots?

Create decorative flower pots with inspirational words and verses to add character to your patio décor. You can transform inexpensive terra cotta flower pots into personalized works of art with a ... Read More »