Should explicit music be censored?

Answer This is kinda One mans opinion but explicit music is usually involving sex, violence or satanism which is pretty much what classical music is it's just there are no lyrics. As a matter of fact, whe... Read More »

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Why was this line censored in a music video?

According to the best lyrics site, there is no "like a".

How old must you be to listen to explicit music?

There is no legal age restriction on who can listen to music with explicit content. The Recording Industry Association of America administers a program that ensures that music with explicit content... Read More »

Are our phones censored by the police?

Of course not! How on earth do you think the photos on your camera get sent to the police?Phone calls can be monitored but only when the police suspect someone of a criminal activity. Otherwise, ho... Read More »

How many books are censored each year?

According to the American Library Association, in 2008, there were a total of 513 challenges to ban books reported to the Office for Intellectual Freedom. The most challenged book that year was "An... Read More »