Should everyone have the right to children?

Answer Everyone who is capable of loving the child, is able to provide for that child, will protect the child from abuse and neglect, and is willing to parent their children should have the right to have ... Read More »

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Should everyone really have the right to procreate....?

Considering babies are being abandoned in trash cans and bathrooms everyday, NO. But what guidelines would we use. Some people would require financial stability. Some would say intellect was import... Read More »

Should adopted children have the right to know their biological parents?

Can custody be taken from the father if everyone feels he isn't right for the children?

== Answer == yes of course it doesn't matter if he was lovely to start with but if he became an axe murderer should he really still have the kids? Isn't right? Removing a child from a parents cus... Read More »

Do children have the right to live with their siblings Or rather, should they?

Without a doubt and unequivocally....children have the RIGHT to be placed with their siblings and anyone who says they do not need to think again. If there are behaviors...then they need to be sort... Read More »