Should each cat have its own litter box?

Answer On One Hand: One box per catA cat uses whatever box meets his cleanliness standard; you cannot designate a separate box for each cat. But if a cat cannot find a clean box, bad habits will develop, ... Read More »

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What kind of liability insurance should you have if you have block party events attended by two or three thousand people each year?

Answer Special events coverage-Try this link

Should we have smoke alarms on each level of our home?

Homeowners are encouraged to put a smoke alarm on every level of their home, even in the basement. In multi-level homes, smoke from a fire that starts on a floor without an alarm installed can't re... Read More »

How long should a bird have full spectrum lighting each day?

Birds need an amount of light per day that would be equal to a normal sunlight schedule or approximately 12 hours per day. If you are indoors and must use spectrum lighting, be sure it is designed ... Read More »

I have two squash plants growing riight next to each other, should I pull out one of them?

Two plants are fine. Keep them watered and give them some fertilizer and watch them grow. Keep lookout for striped beetle. Sevin works well for squash beetles.