Should doctors or insurance companies make medical decisions?

Answer On One Hand: Doctors Should Make Medical DecisionsOnly qualified doctors should make medical decisions for their patients. They are more likely to have the best interests of patients in mind, not t... Read More »

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How can I make sure insurance companies make the profits they so richly deserve when I seek medical care?

Just make sure that you have to get lots of referrals. Make sure that you have lots of different ailments, so that you have to go to your Primary Care Provider every time you need a referral for a... Read More »

How do you bill medical insurance companies on medical supplies?

Do doctors pay higher or lower medical insurance premiums?

Up the azz...they pay for malpractice insurance, as for their own..sure they have great coverage.

How far back do insurance companies check your medical records?

On One Hand: They'll Try to Go Back to Your BirthInsurance companies will look as far back into your history as records exist. When applying for health and life insurance, you will be asked about ... Read More »