Should cooked food be cooled down before putting in the fridge?

Answer Not necessarily. Supposedly modern refrigerators can handle the chilling of hot food. But personally, I help it out, either by separating the food into smaller, shallower storage containers to perm... Read More »

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How long will tilapia stay fresh in the fridge before it is cooked?

How long can you keep a cooked chicken casserole in the fridge before reheating again?

Do you apply something to concrete before putting down vinyl tiles?

Before adhering vinyl tiles to a concrete floor, apply a layer of self-leveling compound. Bare concrete has an uneven surface that keeps vinyl tiles from adhering to the floor evenly. The self-leve... Read More »

How does food in the fridge cool down?

food in the fridge cools down because of the cold air in the fridge.