Should children under 18 be allowed to go on line without parental supervision?

Answer I think they should be able to but the computer should be in the living room or out in the open - never in their bedroom. Many parents don't monitor their childs internet use - as evidenced by thi... Read More »

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Will the airlines allow a 12-year-old to fly without parental supervision and leave the airport alone upon arrival at his or her destination?

Answer As long as there is a parent/guardian to pick them up with proof of the child being theirs.On some airlines UM or unacompanied minor services will have to be purchased, but on others 12 yea... Read More »

Should kids be able to go to the mall without adult supervision?

It can be okay if your kid is under 13, they should have a phone on them. You need to be able to at least call them every 45 min - an hour every now or so. Let's say that there's only one friend wi... Read More »

Should kids between the ages of ten and thirteen be dropped off at the mall without adult supervision?

No, for several reasons. By law, a child under the age of 12 cannot be left home with no adult supervision, so this would come under the same law.Also, mall employees are not babysitters, and shoul... Read More »

Are children under 12 allowed to sit in the front seat?