Should certain alt meds be restricted to treating self limiting conditions only?

Answer Nate and Lightening have both previously brought up the matter of personal liberties, and maybe it's just the American in me, but there is a part of me that resists the idea of banning things outri... Read More »

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Morbidly obese is like self harm even suicide. Should they be forced to go to a calorie restricted place?

What agian with this Question, leave it a rest, British don't live in America therefore you don't know what is happening, you just want to jail them because they are overweight, it ain't right b/c ... Read More »

If am only a month should i be having cramping and see my mucus plug i recently finished treating BV and a yeast infection?

also, i barely found out i was PG yesterday after taking a home pregnancy test because i was suppose to start on Saturday, I've been getting alot of crampage, usually my menstraul cramps are really... Read More »

How to Replace Your Self-Limiting Beliefs?

It's not uncommon to harbor a self-limiting belief or two. Self-limiting beliefs are beliefs that create self-doubt. These beliefs are potentially hazardous, since they can hold you back from achi... Read More »

Why is photography restricted in certain places?

There are numerous reasons for restricting photography:Government restrictions to prevent classified information from being captured. Often enforced around military bases.Protection - Museums ofte... Read More »