Should bullies face tougher conseqences?

Answer NEVER! Air bags, if deployed, can kill a small child (or seriously injur them). Not a good idea until they are in the teens and tall enough to have their head touch the headrest of the car seat.

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Why should bullies not be bullies?

Bullys shouldn't be bullies, because every time they bully they hurt someone else. Like for instince, if they said something like "your ugly" to someone, even if its not true that night they could ... Read More »

Should there be tougher sentences for people who are guilty of abusing a child?

Answer Absolutely. What the problem is in todays world no matter what the offense is that they have no fear. Big deal you committ a crime and you go to jail for 1/4 of the time that you get senten... Read More »

Why should bullies get kicked out of school?

Bullies should get kicked out of school because they have no rights to beat up people children and take their belongings.they should be in a special school. Also they should not harm fellow student... Read More »

If you are adopted how should you deal with bullies who call adoptokid?

you tell their parents or you tell the principle if you are at school or tell you tell an adult who has deal ed with this before