Should boys learn to cook?

Answer yes! everyone should.

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Can boys cook better than girls?

that's a rather sexist question. yes, i think more girls enjoy cooking thatn boys, but anyone who watches the food network knows that all but one of the Iron Chefs are men. And when people talk ab... Read More »

How Boys & Girls Learn Differently?

Comedians like Ray Romano make careers out of jokes about the communication gap between men and women. Authors like John Grey---of "Men Are from Mars, Women are From Venus" fame---have made million... Read More »

How did you learn to cook?

i picked up some basics from watching my mom, but really learned most of it by doing as an adult. it took me five or six years until i felt confident that i could call myself a decent cook.but you ... Read More »

Where did you learn to cook, who taught you?

I learned from my brothers and sisters. My Father died when I was young, so we all had to work and do things for ourselves, such as cook, clean, go to work (In those days, you could get a job at 12... Read More »