Should boxed wine come with one of those bendy straws stuck on the side?

Answer no, but i think bendy straws should come with a box of wine.

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With my win kit i got one of those wine store bags with a tap is this suitable to mature wine in or should i u?

Bottles all the way, you can ispect the color and such a lot easier and grass doesn't leach anything, they are reuseable and look good when you bust one out, just remember to store them in a dark p... Read More »

Who invented bendy straws?

American inventor Joseph B. Friedman conceptualized the first flexible drinking straw, or bendy straw, in the 1930s. Friedman obtained the U.S. patent for his invention on September 28, 1937. By th... Read More »

Does boxed wine go bad?

Boxed wine will go bad, but not nearly as soon as bottled wine will. Boxed wine, because of the vacuum-sealed container, will last as long as four weeks in the refrigerator after opening. Exposure ... Read More »

Why do white people drink boxed wine?

It keeps a lot longer than the bottled stuff and is cheaper.But that's not to say the wine is bad. Okay, most boxed wines in the US are bad but in Australia or South Africa they've been selling cas... Read More »