Should beer be served cold or at room temp?

Answer there are 2 answers here and both are perfectly valid in England you drink you beer warm and in Australia you drink it icy cold. its a social thing . Warm beer would make Australians puke and very ... Read More »

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Is chardonnay wine served room temperature or cold?

On One Hand: Cool TemperaturesThe ideal temperature to serve chardonnay is between 58 and 62 degrees. The temperature that a wine should be served at is based on many factors which include tannins... Read More »

Does boiling hot room temp. cold or ice water affect plant growth?

Boiling water or super cold water can damage or kill some plants, but, aside from that, I have never of any water temperature being better or worse for plant growth.

Anyway to keep my beer cold at my room?

What if a child has a temp but cold hands and feet?

the child has the feverbut her hands and feet are cold