Should babies drink cold formula?

Answer Babies shouldn't drink cold formula it make them hick up and it also makes that little ubndle of joys stoomach very uneasy and it may hurt their throat if it is not the right temputure

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Can babies drink cold formula?

Yes it doesn't really matter which temperature the formula is although you're baby might not like it cold out of the refrigerator. I found it helpful to serve formula at room temperature so that if... Read More »

Can babies drink milk if they have a cold?

Yes, although you have to be careful they don't accidentally inhale the milk rather than swallow it. If a baby mammal does not drink milk while it is ill, it will die of starvation or dehydration.

What should I drink while I have a cold?

Hot tea helps to loosen congestion. Peppermint tea will help unclog your nose if you sniff it. If you have a bad cold, hot sauce helps to loosen the chest. If you don't like hot sauce, you can wate... Read More »

Do you prefer your cold drinks with ice or not Is it the finishing touch already to a cold drink?

Almost always with ice, it just taste better to me.