Should australia convert to nuclear energy?

Answer On One Hand: The DisadvantagesPopular consensus among scholars and journalists who have written on this matter insist that Australia should not convert to nuclear energy as it would add to pollutio... Read More »

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Why should the U.S. increase its use of nuclear energy?

On One Hand: To Reduce Carbon EmissionsWith concern about the effects of climate change increasing, nuclear power plants offer a way of reducing U.S. carbon emissions, a large portion of which are ... Read More »

Should the u.s. increase its use of nuclear energy?

On One Hand: Nuclear Energy Is CleanNuclear energy doesn't release greenhouse gases because it doesn't use fossil fuels. Not only does that make it a clean form of energy, but it reduces dependence... Read More »

Should nuclear energy be used as power?

On One Hand: Reliable and CleanerNuclear power can be relied on to produce power around the clock. Wind or solar power only produces power for part of the day. Nuclear power emits water into the ai... Read More »

What role do you think nuclear energy should have in our future?

At the moment it looks like the only feasible solution to the worlds ever increasing need for power and the need for power which produces the minimum co2. The huge downside to nuclear is the inhere... Read More »