Should aquarium lights be left on all the time?

Answer On One Hand: Some Light Is NecessaryLight plays an important role in an aquarium. Insufficient light can lead to fish stress, poor fish health and lack of coloration. The goal of aquarium lighting ... Read More »

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Is there UVB in aquarium lights?

UVB, which is an invisible wavelength of lighting, is in aquarium lights. The UVB in aquarium lights is essential, as it helps pet reptiles living in the aquarium absorb calcium into their system.S... Read More »

DIY Lights for a Freshwater Aquarium?

Many branded aquariums come with a hood and complete lighting fixture. However, sometimes it is cheaper and more effective to build a custom unit, especially when dealing with custom-built tanks an... Read More »

Should I turn my aquarium lights off at night?

It is best to turn off the aquarium lights at night unless plants that require more light than the daylight hours provide are planted in the tank. Prolonged exposure to light can be unhealthy for m... Read More »

How long should you leave aquarium lights on?

The goal in establishing a fish tank is to create an environment as close to the animal's real environment as possible. To mimic sunlight, leave the lighting on for 8 to 10 hours a day. Aquarium Pr... Read More »