Should anything be put on a dog bite like antibiotic ointment?

Answer You should never bite a dog!

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Is triple antibiotic ointment and polysporin ointment the same?

No...triple antibiotic (neosporin) is bacitracin, neomycin, & polymixin B. Polysporin is bacitacin and polymixin B. Very similar though, just not identical!

What are the uses of antibiotic ointment in first aid kit?

Aides in the Prevention of infection of cuts and scrapes

Can you use antibiotic ointment on dogs?

You can use antibiotic ointment on dogs as long as their wounds are not severe. Clean a wound thoroughly and apply a triple antibiotic ointment. For deep cuts and gashes, take your dog to a veterin... Read More »

What is the difference between an antibiotic ointment and cream?

The cream is water based and soaks into the skin faster but doesn't occlude the wound from the air. Which helps the healing process along a bit faster. The ointment is petroleum based and occludes ... Read More »