Should an oven tray be placed over the gas flame at the rear of the oven?

Answer for USA, Canada and countries running a 60 Hz supply service. A new 240 volt socket outlet needs to be installed so that you can then just plug the new dryer into it. Call a licensed electrician. ... Read More »

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Can silicone baking tray be used in halogen oven?

Answer It depends on the model. I really don't know how many do and how many do not. Every one I've worked with in my positions as laundry attendant have done it.

Sounds stupid,but is it unhygenic to cook something in oven,just after taking a tray out that I had left with?

No. And even if there were, as soon as your oven is heated over 300F., any living bacteria will die off.

Can you change electricity from 120V to 240V in your kitchen so that you could use a new electric oven instead of an old gas oven?

Answer NoThe wiring isn't big enough to carry the load of an electric rangeChristmas is no time for a fire!Call an electrician!

How do you convert from stove top and built in oven to a regular 30 inch oven with the hook up being a large pipe under the cabinet?

what is the question? I have that refrigeratorhow do you clean the water drain tube from the freezer