Should an mri be done after a seizure?

Answer On One Hand: MRI's Are Proven to Be HelpfulWhen treating an individual who has recently had a seizure, doctors will often perform an MRI in order to check for any damage that may have been done to ... Read More »

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How soon after a seizure should an EEG be done?

On One Hand: Seizures are a serious matter.Seizures, can result from a variety of different conditions, but most of them are serious. Such causes can include brain injuries, oxygen deprivation, br... Read More »

Should termite treatment be done before or after remodeling?

do treatment first so if theres any termite damage youll be able to repair it without tearing up the remodel

Can i drive after having a seizure?

On One Hand: A Return Is PossibleThe U.S. Department of Transportation says that in most cases, it is fine for people to return to driving after they have successfully recovered from seizures.On th... Read More »

Seizure after smoking marijuana?

It is possible that the marijuana had nothing to do with the seizure. Being that you had a history of seizures before, I think that's the more likely. Could you die in your sleep from a concussion?... Read More »