Should an eye doctor be seen before buying sunglasses?

Answer On One Hand: Not If You Have Normal VisionIf you have normal vision that has been checked within the parameters outlined by your regular physician, there is no need to see an eye doctor before gett... Read More »

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Which pair of fashion sunglasses is cooler and what elements should I know about sunglasses?

Lady Gaga's sunglasses are really cool. In my opinion, you need to pay more attention to the lens rather the frame styles. There are many things you need to know before you choose a pair of sunglas... Read More »

What should you research before buying a computer?

On One Hand: What You Do With ItDetermining which computer to buy is a decision that should be based on how you will use it. If you want a computer for basic functions such as word processing and w... Read More »

What should you know before buying a wood stove?

Answer The stove may be resonable. The roof vent system can be astro or financially a fugged up situation.

What should I know before buying a digital camera?

You need to figure out what you want to accomplish with said digital camera. Are you trying to get professional looking images? Do you want something small, portable, and simple? Are you looking fo... Read More »