Should an early pregnancy push you into an early marriage?

Answer no,cos if you get pregnant you're already married

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Is it normal to get burning breasts during early pregnancy or could it be PMS week and half early?

Answer Just to be sure you should take a pregnancy test. If you go to walmart they range from about 10-25 dollars. If you still aren't sure go to your local health clinic and talk to a nurse there... Read More »

Where should the cervix be in early pregnancy?

During ovulation the cervix is SHOW (soft, high,open and wet). Around the time of menstruation the cervix is low and hard. I've heard OB/GYNs making this analogy when referring to a pregnant vs. no... Read More »

How sore should breasts be during early pregnancy?

Answer Some women have extremely sore breasts, and some have no discomfort at all.with my first I could not bear to touch them, next time round they were fine.

Is it too early to take a pregnancy test or should I wait?

Answer you should wait 2 to 3 weeks after to get a home pregnancy test